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    Cannabutter 101

    buttercakequeen / December 31, 2016 / cooking, infusion

    Get Baked With Buttercake

    Before we get to the full recipe first a little about making better tasting edibles.

    We all remember our youth, going to parties and seeing a batch of brownies on the table, thinking mmm I’m so drunk/high and those look AHMAZING! We greedily reach for one and someone stops us, warning us, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you! It’s a bad idea!” We ignored them of course and after a few hours discover they were not wrong! Those tasty chocolate squares became a poisonous treat that possibly gave you the worst night of your life, but also gave you a really great story that may rival Al Bundy’s football glory days, but I digress. That experience, or one similar to it, may have scared you entirely off of edibles for life! But edibles, when done right will give you a relaxing and enjoyable time that is slow to start but will last for hours, with massive burst of joy and creativity, ending in one of the most blissful sleeps you will ever have.



    Cooking and baking is an art form, and if you want to do it well think of making edibles the same way. It’s not about dumping a bunch of your strongest weed indiscriminately into your food.

    Cannabis is a not very tasty substance, yes the smell is great blah blah blah, but the truth is it doesn’t taste great.  It has a pine, oregano, solvent quality that is yuck on the palate.  Many people believe that you need to grind and pulverize the plant to extract the psychoactive TCH, which is simply not true! While the interior of the plant does contain some THC, most of the THC is found on the outside in the form of tiny crystals and are called Trichomes.  You can remove these trichomes manually with dry bubble bags and other sifting techniques to get “kief” which can be used as effectively as using the whole plant.  When using the fat extraction technique for making butter or other oils, this method effectively pulls the THC from all of the plant.  We’ve got a recipe for that too!  So please stop grinding your weed for every recipe, it’s not always necessary. In some recipes like savoury foods you can grind the plant up and use it as you would an herb, but more on that in other video recipes.



    Eating weed has a much stronger effect on your body than smoking or vaping and it lasts for up to 8-12 hours and if you make your edibles too strong the high can last for days!  We know this first hand.

    10mg of THC is considered a single dose and for many 10mg is plenty.

    100mg of THC (the maximum amount allowed in edibles sold in stores = 10 doses)

    Eating 100mg of THC on your first time, or after a long time may leave you feeling paranoid and awful. It’s always better to start slow and remember that it can take up to 2 hrs to feel the effects, so be patient.  If you want more (which you will!)  then plan your night ahead of time, and have a bag of a similar treat nearby that you can safely munch on that doesn’t contain THC.  And if you want better tasting edibles, go for a lighter dose so you can actually enjoy eating more.



    Accurately dosing can be a challenge because there are many different variables at play.  The very first thing you need to know is the % of THC in your plant, and if it’s an Indica or Sativa strain.  These details are easy to find out, but when it comes to the fine details you should always buy your medical marijuana from a Licenced Producer.

    The Cannabis we use in our recipe has 21% THC.

    Second you want to know how much THC you want in your finished product per gram of butter.

    We like to aim between 10mg – 20mg/gram of butter

    In our recipe, we used 10 grams of Pink Friesland bud which is an indicia dominant hybrid


    Convert your grams to milligrams

    10g X1000= 10,000mg

    multiply the milligrams by the per cent of THC in your Cannabis.

    10,000 x 0.21= 2,100mg of THC/ batch

    We started with 250g of unsalted butter and ended up with 193g of Cannabutter

    Our final Cannabutter has 10.8mg of THC/gram


    Decarboxylation is the process of applying heat to the raw plant. Raw cannabis contains a substance called THCA.  THCA is the non-psychoactive form of THC and without decarboxylation eating your expensive cannabis would be no more effective than eating a pile of oregano.  The decarboxylation process is vital in creating effective edibles.

    Decarboxylation is much discussed and everyone has a different way of doing it.  We follow the scientifically proven method of 240º for 60 mins in a closely monitored oven. We use a Chef Alarm model thermometer as they are the most effective and accurate thermometer on the market.

    Most home ovens fluctuate between 10º – 30º in either direction, and your internal oven thermometer is not effective in catching it. Keeping a close eye on your oven temperature is vital to properly decarbed cannabis.



    Digital scale

    Oven thermometer

    Crock pot

    Place thermometer probe in oven and preheat your oven to 240º


    10g of decarboxylated Pink Friesland Bud @ 21% THC

    We use bud because, like cooking with wine you cook with what you drink, if you wouldn’t use cooking wine don’t use cast off weed for your edibles.  If you want to use leaf or shake you are more than welcome but you need to use much more and the results would be a much stronger flavoured butter.  If using leaf or shake use 2-3oz which has approx. 3% THC.

    250g of unsalted butter

    4 cups of filtered water


    Break up your bud and spread it evenly on a baking sheet.

    Place baking sheet in preheated oven.

    Monitor your oven temp and bake your cannabis for 60 mins

    Your house should smell like a massive vaporizer.

    At the 30 min mark, turn your bud so it is evenly cooked

    Remove your decarboxylated bud and add it to your crock pot along with the butter and water

    Place the lid on the crock pot and turn onto low for 8-10hrs

    During this time leave your butter alone!

    We like to do it overnight.

    Once your butter is fully infused (the crockpot is finished) strain the plant material from the water and liquid butter.

    Throw the plant material away, there is nothing left and you can’t use it for anything else.

    Place plastic wrap over your bowl and put it in the fridge until the butter solidifies on top of the water – about 8-10 hrs.

    Once the butter is solid, remove it from the water and weigh your final product to give you an accurate idea of how much THC you have per gram of butter.

    Our recipe yielded 183g of Cannabutter equalling 10.8g of THC/ gram of butter










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