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    Body Bliss is a fast-acting all-purpose pain reliever and an intimate lubricant.

    This soothing and chocolatey smelling body product is luscious and decadent.

    Show yourself some easy self-care….

    Rub on sore muscles, sore feet,  sore joints, burns, overworked shins, crampy abdomen, and sore breasts due to monthly hormone cycles or anywhere else you can think of. This product was created to help ease symptoms associated with menstruation but is useful for everyone who experiences pain. Body Bliss can also be applied internally to the vagina for both pleasure and relief of menstrual cramps or pain due to endometriosis. As a lubricant, some people report experiencing feeling intoxicated but for most, it simply relaxes the user and makes sex more enjoyable for both parties.

    As a lubricant Body Bliss is not condom safe so is best used in committed relationships.

    Though this product is made with simple food safe ingredients it is not recommended to orally ingest as it will cause severe and prolonged intoxication.

    Ashley Ferrato

    Oh man this product is amazing! It truly lessens my cramping that is usually at an 11 to just a dull pulse that doesn’t hurt. I just rubbed it all over my abdomen and my back and thighs and it knocks me right out. No cramps for two nights in a row. It’s amazing!