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    Buttercake is a Toronto-based bakery specializing in expertly crafted cannabis-infused edibles.

    Slow is an Art Form. 

    At Buttercake slow is our philosophy.

    In today’s world, our connection to the art of slow has been replaced with instant gratification.  But good things take time; it’s the wait that makes them worthwhile.  A slow roasted piece of meat, a slow dance where the time melts away, a romantic dinner with the person you adore or eating a perfectly dosed edible at the cottage on the perfect summer day.

    Life is about the journey and without the journey the goal doesn’t mean as much and simply isn’t worth it. It’s time to slow down and relax.

    These were hands down the best pies I have EVER tasted.
    “The baked goods from Buttercake are both delicious and effective. I couldn't taste anything except a delicious cookie, and they were perfectly dosed, as Goldie Locks would say, "just right". ”